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ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases selects on a weekly basis the most relevant articles published on COVID-19 on high-ranked journals of choice. This literature review, which includes peer-reviewed articles only, focuses on therapeutics, vaccines, and non-therapeutic interventional strategies.

Through wide diffusion of this tool through private and public communication channels (mailing lists, website, Twitter) we aim at helping the scientific community, health-workers, political leaders and the general public to keep up to date with the latest scientific research.

The literature review is updated weekly, and can be accessed : 

  • as a complete PDF file through the “Download PDF” button
  • as a database on Google sheet, through the “Access the database” button. This new tool allows the user to filter the articles by category (journal, date, country, field of expertise) and to download the personalised selection in PDF or Excel format. Operating instructions can be found on the tab “Notice-How to filter document and download” of the Google sheet document.

Update 25/02/2021

The national mission of operational coordination of biological and epidemic risk (« mission nationale COREB ») has developed in collaboration with REACTing-ANRS | EID an evolving tool aiming to compile updated scientific data on COVID-19.
As thus a slide show including cutting-edge, commented and reviewed data on Epidemiology, Virology, Clinical, and Therapeutics aspects regularly released. Updates are published when new relevant data arises. 

The slideshow is divided in five sections, providing subject-driven documents on COVID-19 research.

The slideshows are updated regularly, and can be downloaded in PDF format through the buttons below :
Last update 22/02/2021 – Therapeutics and Vaccines

Epidemiologie France Portal – Health databases: online catalog of the principal French health databases that might be useful for the development of research and expertise in public health.

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