Preclinical Studies Working Group​

Preclinical Studies Working Group

Our role

The Preclinical Studies Working Group (GEPC) is a multi-institutional group, that was created in October 2020.

By providing and sharing pre-clinical data but also leading preclinical studies conducted with anti-covid-19 therapeutic and vaccine agents, the main GEPC objectives are to:

  • Coordinate and improve (through development of new studies, tools, disease models, etc.) the preclinical research carried out by the French Research Institutions in response to the COVID-19 epidemic
  • Support the prioritization of COVID-19 candidate therapeutics by working closely with the ANRS | EID Treatment Prioritization Working Group
  • Ensure the good connection between the preclinical and the clinical research to fight the COVID-19 epidemic


The Preclinical studies Working Group is chaired by Xavier de Lamballerie, (Inserm – IRD – Université Aix Marseille) and its members are:

France Mentre, Inserm – APHP
Hervé Raoul, INSERM
Jérémie Guedj, INSERM
Xavier Lescure, INSERM – APHP
Manuel Rosa-Calatrava, INSERM – CNRS – ENS Lyon – Université Claude Bernard
Roger Le Grand, CEA
Denis Malvy, CHU Bordeaux – INSERM
Michel Perez, Institut Pasteur
Bruno Hoen, Institut Pasteur
Fabrice Agou, Institut Pasteur
Benoit Deprez, Institut Pasteur Lille
Bruno Lina, CHU Lyon – Univ. Lyon – Inserm – CNRS
Caroline Soulas, INSERM –IRD – Université Aix Marseille – IRBA – EFS